Japanese character for wood Japanese character for spirit

Wood Spirit Artist Statement

As our society becomes increasingly removed from nature, I find myself progressively more
attracted to wood, stone and water, grounding elements in an ever-changing technological world.
This Wood Spirit series consists of foraged and found natural wooden (primarily Cypress) sculptures
that resonate with me, evoking a particular response that I attempt both to express and celebrate
by capturing what I perceive as the essence/persona of each piece.


Cascade stopped mid-flow
Crystallized reflections of
Truth’s still embryo.

Tuberous Ballerina

Twisting, twirling sage
Mind-heart synchronicity
Whisking, whirling free.


Adverse conditions
Serve to strengthen heart and mind
Each and every time.

Cuddly Octopus

Eight-armed, wide-eyed charm!
They say that a bear hug's grand,
I prefer eight hands.


Physical conquest
Bejeweled, beguiling false strength
Instrument of war.

Get Your Dolphin Dog

Likes to be petted
Quietly watches TV
Never has to eat…


Doing what you please
Wacky creativity
Newfound liberty

Hand Tree Cross

Hmmm, what should I say?
Perhaps to tell you that it’s
Made of sacred clay.


Where deer run freely
And no one’s allowed to die,
My favorite place.

Ode to Wine

Purplish red, divine;
Blood of Christ, the nicest vice –
Pour me more this time.


Out of old comes new.
Grafted tiny broken branch
Life is breathed into.

The Nest

Cradling branches
Robins’ eggs that you can touch
Promises to keep.


Poor little puppy,
A darling accessory
You will never be.

Washed Ashore

Found art, a ready
Testimony to human
Hodge-podge form and fun.

Brake Pad

Is technology
The screech of man versus nature
Or fine synergy?

Statement on Brake Pad

As we become increasingly removed from nature, the question arises: At what point does technology cease
to be positive and become a negative force? When progress requires destruction of the natural environment, what
are we progressing towards, and what course should we take? I believe the answer lies not in a unilateral approach,
but rather knowing when and how to develop technologically and, more importantly, when to apply the brakes.

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