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Transforming Moments;
The Miracle Workbook

        By "Transforming Moments" do I mean monumental, life-altering events, such as love and death, marriage and divorce, birth and re-birth? Yes. Do I mean only those? No. I also mean quiet moments of insight, even including those instances of awareness which others of a different perception could consider questionable.

        I am referring to moments of illumination, whether the source be Earth's single sun, rays from Heaven, or an internal glimmer. During moments of intuition and paranormal experince, the inner eye is given voice. The world within is one with the world without, placing the physical world within its spiritual framework.

          If one is open to such visions, individual as they may be, and sees something which extends beyond our accepted physical boundaries, apparently defying so-called laws which, of course, apply only to the physical, and not the spiritual, realms, then one is not necessarily crazy - and not necessarily gifted - any more than the rest of us. We are all bits and pieces of the whole; simultaneously smart and stupid, sane and insane, blessed and lacking in our recognition of all we truly possess.

          It is these moments that need not be verified - in fact, cannot be verified - which hold most validity for the soul. The Aha! experiences of deeper knowing need not be subjected to test or proof because they fit with our innate understanding which, previously resting on a subconscious level, has risen to realization.

          Transforming moments shine like iridescent beads, barely visible, as the dew of breath, which, connected, form the outline of your soul's experience, the personality of your life.

          Part story and part blank, lined pages with suggested writing topics such as "Dreams," Transforming Moments; The Miracle Workbook is designed to help you record and manifest the many, mini miracles in your own life.

cover of Transforming Moments; The Miracle Workbook

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