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Suspect or Saint?

          Suspect or Saint is a novella about secrets, denial, dual lives, how the innocent become guilty and, when that happens, the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell one another.

          The story begins with Lynn Grabor's discovery of an infant in a drawer in her daughter's apartment. Nina claims to know nothing about the baby whom she is caring for "until the mother returns." Lynn takes the baby to a nearby hospital and leaves him at the emergency entrance, well-bundled, with a note, "take care of me."

          Lynn advises Nina to visit a local seminary where Nina meets Everest, the student who is charged with her counseling. Through the course of their meetings, Nina, who fancies herself a lay criminologist, comes to believe that Everest is concealing a dark past.

          During the counseling sessions, Everest also uncovers clues about Nina's past. Bits of information are given to Everest via Nina's (perhaps intentionally created) multiple personalities.

          Find out what happens when Nina meets Everest in the dark of night at the site of an unreported murder.

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