Water Scenery: Photo by Sharon Burtner

Clear Lake

I saw a woman stride vast waters
In a casual sort of way
Because she had transcended
Wondering whether she could.

Since there was no conflict
Between what should be and truly is,
The waves caressed her ankles
In approval of her action.

As the coastline grew more distant,
She saw and felt more vividly
The grand, prismatic sun.

Her brother on the shore
Awoke in time to see
His sister on the water
Glide across so gracefully.

In horror he called out to her
To come back before she fell.

Hearing her brother's voice
Sizzle along the water's edge,
She turned around to listen
To a doubt she'd left behind.

Seeing his shadow tremble,
Sympathetically she leaned
Towards their heritage of thinking;
Instantly, she drowned.

Now if you ask her brother
Whether one can walk on water
Or defy the natural laws,
He'll tell you that some can,
But even saints cannot deny
Heaven's bond of earthly love.

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