Escalator: Photo by Sharon Burtner

For Your Birthday

Beneath the presents and celebration,
I give you my love,
Not only reserved for your birthday,
But as long as we still tremble
Holding one another
And our fingers
Meet with understanding;

As long as we inspire each other,
Can dance or work together;

As long as we continue sharing dreams
While we live and then recall them;

As long as we feel comfortable
Expressing precious, fragile thoughts,
Assured that they are safe inside each other;

As long as we love freely,
Full of hope and truest joy;
Not caring for the outside world,
Holding first our own;

As long as we have visions,
Though their meanings aren't all clear,
Then we will be together,
Protected by the miles
Or any false intrusion.

Our love is, foremost, a spiritual union
And, in this way, I pray
We may be united forever.

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